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Sunday School

The KTMCC Sunday School is an integral part of The Kuwait Town Malayalee Christian Congregation. The Sunday School functions under the guidance of the KTMCC Executive Committee, and is run by the Staff including the Headmaster and the Assistant Headmaster cum Treasurer, both of whom are appointed by the KTMCC Executive Committee. The Teachers, who belong to different denominations, contribute the best of their abilities and jointly take the responsibility of running the Sunday School.

The humble beginning of the KTMCC Sunday School was in the summer of 1956, at the residence of one of the KTMCC members. A few ladies gathered together with their children on every Sunday afternoon for prayer and teaching Bible stories to the little ones. This was the beginning of KTMCC Sunday School. The present NECK Church and Parish Hall was built in 1958; since then the Sunday School moved in to the Parish Hall and started gathering on Thursdays afternoon. The strength of the Sunday School gradually increased to around 200 in the 1970s, and currently it is close to 250. The students who attend the Sunday School belong to different denominations, religions and nationalities.

The Christian community today is confronted with greater responsibility of preserving the young generation towards the challenges of the new world. Realizing this serious responsibility, KTMCC Sunday School creates the best possible environment for the spiritual, moral, mental and physical well being of the little ones entrusted to us.

Looking back over the period since the establishment of KTMCC Sunday School over 55 years ago, we glorify and magnify the Lord for the manifold blessings He has showered upon us. It is a pleasure to perceive the children delight in the songs of praise and hymns of thanksgiving. They are taught the reverence of prayer, the value of sharing and the joy of giving. Every care is taken in the class to provide individual attention with simple lessons from the Bible. Each student is earnestly encouraged to develop the confidence to pray in a group and communicate the freedom and love.

The KTMCC Sunday School provides Christian education to children from LKG class up to the XII standard at present. Transportation is made available for students from different locations and areas in Kuwait. The academic year usually runs from the first week of September to the last of May. However, new students are welcome to join this Inter-denominational Sunday School at any time of the year. For prospectus and more information, you may write to [email protected]

In 1981, the KTMCC Sunday School had celebrated its Silver Jubilee. A Souvenir was published on that occasion. The academic year 2005–2006 was the Golden Jubilee Year of the KTMCC Sunday School. We had conducted various programmes and activities during the Golden Jubilee Year. One of them was an Inter-Sunday School Bible Quiz Competition, which was conducted on Thursday, 2 February 2006. By the grace of God, it was a great blessing and success, as children from 10 different Sunday Schools of various local congregations participated in the Quiz programme. The closing ceremony of the Golden Jubilee Year was celebrated in an elaborate manner on 25 May 2006 along with the Anniversary & Prize Distribution programme of that academic year. We had brought out a beautiful Souvenir and a Video CD, in addition to special mementoes for all children as well as teachers, on that glorious occasion! We put on record that Mr. T. John Mathew, who served our Sunday School as Headmaster for over 25 years continuously, was accorded with a grand farewell during that occasion. He left Kuwait for good in July 2007; his remarkable and dedicated services to our Sunday School will always be remembered.


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